Elders Of The Internet allows limited version of Google’s travel ban to take effect

Former FBI Director James Comey arguing a case in front of the Elders of the Internet c. 2011

In a 9-0 ruling by the Elders of the Internet, the highest judicial court of the Internet, have agreed on Monday to allow a limited version of Google’s travel ban on GTalk to take affect.

Sundar Pichai has called the ruling, “a great victory for No Choice supporters.”

“The Internet is just a series of tubes and pipes,” he continued. “At Google we feel that the new turny and twisty set of tubes will be much more fun for users to twist and bend through.”

Elders Al Gore and Zombie Reagan preferred to have the full ban of all users except those coming from Google Hangouts to take effect immediately and objected to the council’s “compromise”.

One user experience engineer at Google, who wished to remain anonymous, informed Near News Today that users should appreciate the, “… new Playskool feel to the design of Google Hangouts…” The engineer further went to defend the user interface by out that, “… business are continually looking for better and more efficient ways to demean their employees by adopting enterprise software layouts from preschool software engineers.”

For those who still have concerns Near News Today has tried out the new created this review of the comparisons.

GTalk inside Gmail:

Pros: GTalk is located in your email client’s main screen allowing end users to one convenient tab for all their internet communication needs.

Cons: Messages will continuously pop up over emails while users attempt to write email messages; infuriating them to the point that they leave group chats or block, sometimes violently, their work collaborators, furious over the constant bombardment of incoming chat messages interrupting your concentration while trying to write an email to Bob, you lawyer, covering your bitter divorce, separation of assets she’s never worked a day in her life to pay for just to fly off to Miami with that your best friend as well as the custody battle for your children that you’ve lost your love for because they remind you of your bitch of an exwife.


Pros: Easy readability due to the increased space allocated to each chat window as well as keeping all of the same great features of GTalk.

Cons: There are basically no additional cons other than the fact that you’ll be relegated to keeping one tab open exclusively for Google Hangouts.

What are you concerns with the retirement of GTalk inside Gmail? Let’s see your comments below with your pros and cons about these changes.

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